The First EVER Support Community For You, In All Phases Of Womanhood.
What You Get When You Join Our Village:
  • Online Workouts Accessible from Your Phone!
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Access to all of Natalie's "Secret Prepper" Hacks! Gardening tips, backpacking tips, camping lists, and more!  This is not available anywhere else.
  • ​Monthly Workouts
  • ​Access to 1:1 development coaching with Natalie and other trainers to help aid you in each of the three pillars: Being Strong Physically, Strong Emotionally, and Strong Financially
  • ​Community. Village. Tribe. Call it what you will, we've got it.
  • ​A HUGE database of healthy meals
  • ​A HUGE database of tips for meal planning, macros, exercises
  • ​Ever evolving information: how to get out of debt, how to meal plan, and how to run a household budget.
  • ​The best, most supportive community and tribe you've ever been a part of.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • ​Workout videos, and a ton of different workouts to choose from, so you can get your workouts in even on busy days.
  • ​Access to all past 21-day Challenge video content (not available anywhere else).
  • ​Meal plans, and grocery lists for those meals plans, because, again, we know you're busy.
  • Workout Inventory in case you're new to all of this, and need a little coaching.
  • Have trouble losing weight, and keeping it off? We know the rules, and will teach you how to do it, and feel good while doing it. With our guide it's easy, and we can't wait to cheer you on. 
  • ​Right NOW only you'll get access to our Baby Bump Trainer and videos if you're in the new mommy phase of life!
  • ​Monthly workout calendar- so you don't need to plan them yourself.
  • ​Mindset coaching and videos to keep you motivated in whatever ways YOU need help.  We believe that it's ok to have different goals for different phases of life, and we have the tools to help support you in that!
  • ​The BEST Online Community and Support Group you've ever been a part of
  • Not super into fitness? We have other things for you: Gardening tips, Gardening step-by-steps, accountability tracking, parenting tips, budgeting hacks, and productivity awareness.
  • ​Weekly affirmations and accountability to become your best self with a village of women that want the same for themselves, and for you! 
  • ​With all of this we will SAVE you so much TIME, and MONEY, because you will be extra productive in your household, your workouts, your meal times, and it will give you MORE time for you and the things that you love.
That's well over $750 in value... FOR ONLY $37 A MONTH.
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)
I Have Been There. I have Been Through It.
Extra Things We Offer:
Lifestyle Coaching:
 Access your coaching from anywhere at any time, whether it's from your phone, tablet, or computer!
Personalized Group Coaching: 
You get 6 group coaching calls with Natalie to cover every aspect of Our Womanhood, and ask any questions you need answered!

Why I Can HELP you:
I’ve gained and lost the weight with every single pregnancy. And I know the secrets to weight loss success during the HARDEST time to get in shape in your entire life

I’ve been divorced and broken

I’ve yelled at my kids and felt bad

I’ve spent so many years building a business, failing, hiring coaches, and succeeding. I’m not a stranger to failure, but I know how to combat fear and overcome failure

I’ve seen magazine covers and experienced not feeling good enough in my skin

I’ve experience failed relationships

I also love being a woman and a mother, but I’ve felt so tired from the weight of the burden from time to time. And then I’ve felt guilty for ever feeling this way
People tried to tell me I was a failure 

That I couldn’t run a business from home 

I couldn’t lose the pregnancy weight twice 

That I couldn’t have a home birth

That I wasn’t Christian enough because I was divorced

That I was too buff, too skinny, or too fat

That I wasn’t a mom because I only had my kids half the time

That I couldn’t create an entire team of women that work for me and love my mission

That I couldn’t share my mission to 84,000 women that want to see a change
But I did it, and so can you.
I see you. And I believe in you.
I had people telling me that I wasn’t good enough through each decision I made to become healthier emotionally, financially, and physically. That was the hardest part. And I learned to push away the naysayers and create my own identity.
My Goal Is Always To Give Away More For FREE Than What Other People Charge For. 
Please Take Advantage Of All Of These Free Fun Guides That I Have Created For You.
Our mission
We want to help women in all phases of womanhood who are struggling with self-confidence as they juggle motherhood, health, fitness, careers, and self-care. 

Our goal is to “see” women regardless of their label or season of life: whether they are pregnant, postpartum, pre-baby, post-young children, living a child-free life, or going through menopause. There are many phases of womanhood, and we strive to help women no matter which phase they are in. Womanhood is a powerful tribe, and our goal is to bring as many women into our tribe as possible.  

We will help women by creating programs, resources, and a supportive community to grow in health: physically, emotionally, and financially together. We will preach in learning to love ourselves through every phase, to lean into a community of women with like minded goals and struggles.

The change we want to make is teaching women that we are all imperfect, and that there are variations of normal. We must show ourselves grace while also following a plan to achieve the best results in growing in health: emotionally, physically, and financially.

We will know we are successful when we have created an affordable lifestyle resource for any woman that is looking for a place to call home among our village.
Now I’m here for you, and we are here for you. A community of women is the strongest, most powerful resource possible. Women that see you through every phase of womanhood. Women that have been where you have been. They’ve seen their mothers, girlfriends, and grandmothers STRUGGLE. We are in an era where we can be vulnerable and transparent, and because of that, we can be better. You aren’t a tree, if you don’t love where you are emotionally, physically, or financially… move! This is a big world, there is room for you, and we have room for you here.
Hundreds of DELICIOUS recipes
Motivation for all things, weekly meal guides, community, womanhood, motherhood, and MORE.
So, what happens after 7 days?
You will automatically be charged $37, which will recur each month until you cancel. Which I'm sure you won't, because it's amazing. ❤️
Is there a guarantee?
We guarantee to HEAR you. If you have a complaint you can email (best way for us to help you quickly), or you can post in the group to get clarification and help (although we do prefer email). We are here for you, and we want to help you.
What’s next?
Give it a try. It's Free for 7 days . Here's the thing though, if you give this a try and then forget to use it for 4 of the days, do not feel like you failed, and because you realized you're busy cancel your subscription. Because you know what, we can help with that. We can make you less busy. We can help you be more productive. Give us at least a month, and give it a real try.
For support issues or questions - Please email us at
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